Achievements of Dancers and Teachers trained in the A.I.D.T. method.

Many A.I.D.T. trained dancers have risen to the top of their field in companies (be it Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz or Tap), some as dancers, others in choreography, production or teaching posts. The syllabus, in conjunction with other disciplines in the arts, allows dancers to follow any direction in their chosen field. Some dancers have opted for the Corporate Dance World. This has taken them to all parts of the world. They return to South Africa to enrich our dance knowledge.

Many teachers, trained in South Africa, have established flourishing studios in countries around the world and are spreading the word of the A.I.D.T and its syllabus to many future dancers and teachers. We owe these pioneers much appreciation. Michelle Heine (Australia), Lynore Blum (Israel) and Sharon Montague (Cyprus). A special thanks go to Margaret Klaric for her dedication in developing and extremely successful Canadian and American branch.

All this is only possible through the dedication of our Directors, Board Members, Examiners, and those wonderful people “The Organizers.

We are proud of these dedicated people.

The A.I.D.T. is always on the move. As soon as the work needs an update to keep in line with the rest of the world, we revise the syllabus where necessary. Overseas teachers from Companies, etc. (outside the A.I.D.T.) are invited to coach/ teach our members here in South Africa and some of our own members travel extensively conducting classes when and wherever possible.